About Croton Canyon Railroad

Read the full story of the Croton Canyon Railroad in the June/July 2009 issue (Run #236) of 0 Gauge Railroading magazine (Cover Story).

Anton Wilson Bio

(46 yrs old at the start of project in 1991)

Currently President of Anton Dynamics, Inc., maker of the world’s first full-suspension ski. Check it out at: www.antongliders.com

Co-founder and former Chairman of Anton/Bauer, Inc. Designed the camera battery and portable lighting systems that are the standard of the professional and broadcast video industry, adopted by all major networks worldwide and offered as OEM by Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Panavision, and many other major equipment manufacturers. Awarded an Emmy for Technical Excellence in 2000.

Film producer and cinematographer for corporate clients including IBM, AT&T, and Xerox as well as documentaries for network television including a 10-year collaboration with Geraldo Rivera at ABC.

Writer for numerous film and video publications including a column in American Cinematographer magazine for 10 years, and author of the book Cinema Workshop.

Mike Prelee Bio

50 years a broadcast journalist. 25 years News Director in New York City at WNEW & WHN Radio. On-air news anchor for Mutual and NBC Radio Networks covering on scene major news events including Far East Korean War interviews; Vietnam Peace talks Paris, Space launches Cape Canaveral, Presidential Conventions,.Dr Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington, United Nations Correspondent, flew on the first flight of the Boeing 747 New York to Paris.

Awards: Coveted Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service National Journalism Award; Deadline Club NYC award for “Broadcasting Excellence” and the Associated Press Award for the “Best Radio News Program in New York City”.

Inspired by John Allen built first HO Model Railroad in 1947. Switching to O Gauge Hi-rail 10 years ago became a specialist in model mountain scenery design and became known as “Mr. Mountain” at railroad shows. In retirement from broadcast turned hobby into second career…model railroad scenery construction and design.

About the Room

The attic of Anton Wilson’s house was originally finished as an auxiliary living/sleeping area, complete with a full bathroom and several closets. In keeping with the total “environmental” aspect of the concept, factors that would detract from the creation of a surreal three-dimensional world had to be initially eliminated.

The entire attic was thus gutted and all interior walls removed, including closets and the full bathroom. The pair of wooden double-hung windows at the far end of the room was removed along with the framing and molding, being replaced with a frameless single piece of glass. A major enhancement was the new ceiling that is constructed as a continuously curved sky-blue cyclorama.